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Four Basic principles of the Inductive Bible Study Method - 2

Interpretation- What does it mean?

· Interpreting a passage is difficult thing. So it is an exercise that requires careful study and prayers.

· The more text we study inductively, the greater our field of interpretation becomes.

· Interpretation is the science of discovering the author’s original meaning as he wrote the Scripture under the inspiration of the      Holy Spirit.

Few things to follow in Interpretation

· Apart from the questions we asked in Observation (Who, What, Where, When, How), we must ask the question ‘Why.’

  Why? – The purpose of the text/the reader’s need/The writer’s message.

· Record the answer to the questions – Who, What, Where, When, How & Why.

· Study the content of the passage – Understand what the passage or verse talks about.

· Examine the context of the passage.

1. Immediate context – Read a few verses before and after the passage/verse.

2. Larger context – read the entire book

3. Other context – Literary/historical/cultural/geographical – read other sources.

· Compare with other Scripture.

· Consult resource books such as commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons (which is the last step).

· Draw a conclusion.

Assignment # 2

Mark 4:35-41

· Answer the following questions (Interpretation questions):

1. Why did Jesus asked His disciples if they were afraid?

2. Why did they forget Jesus’ words?

3. Why were the disciples still alive after the storm?