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Four Basic principles of the Inductive Bible Study Method - 1

Illustration- How should I illustrate my points?


·         Look for illustrations that are appropriate for your study.

·         Illustrations will always make clear the ideas or truth that you want to understand

·         Jesus always used examples for explain a truth.

·         He used illustrations from day-to-day life situations.

·         For example, in order to explain the Kingdom of God, He used the illustration of  the sower and the seed, the weeds, the Mustard Steed and the Yeast, etc. (Mtt.13)


Few things to follow in Illustration


1. Biblical examples

·         Biblical illustrations are always best. 

·         For example, if you come to a point where you state that God works out everything good for those who love him, use the                 example of Joseph’s experiences as to how God worked out everything for the good of Joseph. 


2. Examples from day-to-day life situations

·         Incidents from common life situations or any true stories that happened.

·         Other’s experiences can also be taken.

·         As you travel, work, or doing something, observe things around you, which is connected to the passage and the ideas you               get.


3. Life experience

·         Illustrations can also be drawn from your own life experiences

·         Healings, miracles, deliverance, etc. can be used appropriately

·         We are not using personal experiences to project ourselves, but to establish a biblical fact.


Study Questions


  1. Look for illustrations Jesus used in the Gospels to explain a key truth.
  2. List down the examples Jesus used to explain the Kingdom of God.
  3. Take note of some common incidents in your life situation and use them to illustrate the passage you study now.