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Four Basic principles of the Inductive Bible Study Method - 4

Application- How should I respond?

Application involves two steps:

  • How the truths discovered should affect our behavior
  • Putting those same truths into practice

Few things to follow in Application

Examine Yourself

  • Look for application in the light of our own personal life.

Relate the passage to your life

  • Summarize truths that seem to apply to you.
  • Decide if they have some timely and lasting value.
  • Look for ways that the text applies to your daily life and to the lives of others.

Meditate on the passage

  • Pick out the passage or verse that speaks to your heart and that would have a lasting benefit to you and to others.

Practice what you have learned

  • Write down several points of interest that can be put into practice in your daily life.

Assignment # 4

Mark 4:35-41


Answer the following questions (Application Questions):

1. If Jesus gives His word, can we trust it?

2. How does Jesus want us to come to Him in storms? 

3. Do you quickly forget Jesus’ words? 

4. What does Jesus’ word do for us? 

5. What is the main point Jesus wants His disciples to learn? 

Assignment # 5

Mark 2:1-12

Identify the following questions whether Observation/Interpretation/Illustration/ Application question with a tick mark and answer them.

1. Who are the people mentioned in the story? (O/I/IL/A) 

2. In the story, where was Jesus at the time? (O/I/IL/A)

3. What Happened? Relate the whole story in your words. (O/I/IL/A)

4. What are some of the physical problems of a paralytic? (O/I/IL/A

5. How difficult would it be for him to get to Jesus? (O/I/IL/A) 

6. What kind of men were these four? O/I/IL/A) 

7. Why were they so persistent? (O/I/IL/A) 

8. Whose faith was Jesus talking about at this moment? (O/I/IL/A)

9. Why did Jesus say: “My son, your sins are forgiven?”(O/I/IL/A) 

10. Do you find any other similar story in the Bible? (O/I/IL/A) 

11. What are the Scribes questioning about the statement of Jesus? (O/I/IL/A) 

12. When did Jesus begin to answer their questions? (O/I/IL/A) 

14. What are the parallels between sin and paralysis? (O/I/IL/A) 

15. Someone who is paralyzed is really like what? (O/I/IL/A) 

16. Do you see anything symbolic of what Christ done for sinners? (O/I/IL/A)

       (At this point go back to the four men)

17. Do you have the faith to carry someone spiritually paralyzed to Christ? List specific

ways you would do it. (O/I/IL/A) 

18. List the obstacles that you experienced in bringing people to Christ. How would you

       overcome them? (O/I/IL/A) 

19. List some practical ways you can show that you care for sinners. (O/I/IL/A) 

20. How can you work with others in bringing people to Christ? (O/I/IL/A) 

21. List down the lessons you learn from this story (O/I/IL/A)